The psychedelic conversation is growing worldwide—we’re here to help lead the way through an illuminating interview series with pioneers in psychedelics. 

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Introducing Beckley Talks 

Beckley Retreats is unique in backing up the psychedelic experience with modern science, as well as nurturing spiritual practices. Thought leaders, therapists, healers, and scientists have come together to create a network of support for the growing promise of psychedelics and wellbeing practices. 

Our live community events highlight the transformative work from across the Beckley family of organization and give space for questions, stories, ideas, inspiration, as well as information on the latest scientific breakthroughs. Join us.

Episode 1: Psychedelic Renaissance
August 9th, 2022

The first official Beckley Talks virtual event brought together Beckley Retreats co-founders, Neil Markey and Amanda Feilding and was moderated by Sylvia Benito. 

As founder of the Beckley Foundation, Amanda, who is called ‘The Countess of Psychedelics’ by Wired Magazine and the ‘Queen of Consciousness’ by The Telegraph, shared in an inspiring conversation about the psychedelic renaissance and her current work through the Beckley Foundation. 

Episode 2: The Power Of Community
September 29th, 2022

Episode 2 brought one of Beckley Retreats' lead facilitators, Lucyne Pearson, and co-founding board member, Rock Feilding-Mellen along with Beckley Retreat's co-founder Neil Markey. 

The topic of their conversation centered around the power of COMMUNITY. One of the benefits of going on retreat is the mirror we find in each other, and the deep connections we forge and that then show us more about ourselves. This is why people have come together in groups since the beginning of time: groups foster growth and creativity.